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You're All I Need

In some new/old news, I did the best butterfly of my life last friday at a 1:13. I held it the entire time and it was a fluid, strong motion that I was proud of. Too bad I didn't make 1:12.

Morning practice is a good thing, people.
You're all welcome to come! well, those on the swim team of course...

We did bungees this morning (come and you'll understand). I was so close!
Edan made it in breaststroke (yes Edan came to morning practice).

Our first official meet is in less than a week!

Nice swim-a-thon, by the way, swimmmers (unless you cheated, shame shame).
Chungah made hers in 30 minutes, so hurrah for Chungers (that's my nick name for her).

So keep swimming!
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