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You're All I Need

In some new/old news, I did the best butterfly of my life last friday at a 1:13. I held it the entire time and it was a fluid, strong motion that I was proud of. Too bad I didn't make 1:12.

Morning practice is a good thing, people.
You're all welcome to come! well, those on the swim team of course...

We did bungees this morning (come and you'll understand). I was so close!
Edan made it in breaststroke (yes Edan came to morning practice).

Our first official meet is in less than a week!

Nice swim-a-thon, by the way, swimmmers (unless you cheated, shame shame).
Chungah made hers in 30 minutes, so hurrah for Chungers (that's my nick name for her).

So keep swimming!
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omg I love bungees!!!! The ride back is the best part.
you suck i miss those thing espcially cheating for evan like hanging on it oh wait we did that to you.
Psht I did it to her cause she was goin backwards and wanted to give her the message to come back sheesh lol. Edan made it last year too by the way, hes still gotta make it in all four strokes tho like moi! And damn that chungah, last year shoulda been my year to beat her, but nooo, got kicked in the eye! lol. Hope your doin good and grats on your Fly!